BLOGWOLLE [ high quality garments ]

Sheep’s wool obtained by shearing live sheep , also known as fleece or clipping, is an excellent textile raw material for the manufacture of high quality fabrics , knitted fabrics and nonwovens .

Fleece wool ( fleece ) , wool long-haired and short-haired

In the Middle East, wool products produced in antiquity. The highest quality wool, very soft, fluffy, thin fiber length from 4 to 12 cm, obtained from Merino sheep. It has also the highest capacity for felting . Thicker wool obtained from sheep breeds długowełnistych and lowland. Sheep wool fiber length długowełnistych, reaches up to 40 cm .


Some of the names used for the wool fibers and the products of these fibers :

  • sheep merinos (merinos, merino sheep – breed of sheep very appreciated because of the fleece . It originated from Asia. In the twelfth sheep they arrived on the Iberian Peninsula . From there until the eighteenth century that . Were brought to other European countries. Umaszczone white, highly crimped wool , fine . In Europe, there are usually forms Pollard , also outside Europe horned), cheviot (England), Shetland (Shetland Islands)
  • camelcamel
  • lamealpaka (Peru)
  • koziaMohair(Mohair (ang. mohair) – wool of angora goats ), cashmere
  • rabbitangora (Angora – long-haired breed of domestic rabbit)